XX Teens Debut Album Out In September

posted July 11, 2008

XX Teens Debut Album Out In September

Already catching quite a buzz in the UK, XX Teens will release their debut album "Welcome To Goon Island" through Mute on September 30, 2008. The 11-track album - produced by Sheffield’s Ross Orton (MIA, Fat Truckers, Bromheads Jacket) - features the single "Darlin'" which will be available digitally later this year. The NME calls "Darlin'" "A berserk swamp-rock thriller… scary and brilliant, like a ghost that tosses you off as you sleep."

Early UK singles such as "Onkawara" "Darlin’" and "How To Reduce The Chances Of Being A Terror Victim" have already seen XX Teens collect accolades such as NME single of the week ("Onkawara"), a slot in the NME’s tracks of 2007 list ("Darlin’") and the cover of Artrocker (August 2008).

"Welcome To Goon Island" is born from the great British Art School tradition, the core of the band having met at art school in Southend. Vivid and expansive, the album is political, innovative, and joyous – it rumbles, rolls & swings coming to an end with the swirling psychedelia of "Sun Comes Up" and a moving eulogy from British peace activist Brian Haw.

XX Teens are: Anthony Silvester (vocals and guitar), Rich Cash (vocals), William Morrow (guitar), Macks Faulkron (drums) & Jorgen Raa (bass).

Album Tracklist:

  1. The Way We Were
  2. B-54
  3. Round
  4. Ba (Ba-Ba Ba)
  5. Onkawara
  6. (Reprise)
  7. Only You
  8. My Favourite Hat
  9. Darlin’
  10. Sun Comes Up
  11. For Brian Haw

Audio: XX Teens - "Darlin'"

Video: XX Teens - "Darlin'"