Man Factory & Sensitivity Boosters
"Boyfriend Split"

(Boyfriend Records 2006) Man Factory & Sensitivity Boosters - Boyfriend Split

If Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone ever need opening acts when they hit the road to tour for their rap music (I use the term loosely), they might want to see if Man Factory and Sensitivity Boosters are available. But until that happens the two bands, both on Boyfriend Records, have teamed up to release "Boyfriend Split." From Man Factory's geek rock to Sensitivity Booster's "emo hip hop," the bands ingeniously mock their peers and the world at large.

Able to keep the pretense together for most of their half of the split, Man Factory come off a bit more serious with their four songs than their counterparts on "Boyfriend Split." The band's smooth and likable power indie rock pop is instantly infectious from the moment they hit the pizzicato peppered chorus of "Feelin' Fancy (Goin' Crazy)." But when they hit "Damn Dinosaurs," the band hit their stride, synths keeping step with the quick rhythm, before the plucky piano led "Carl Jones" builds momentum and the band morphs it from a near ballad into a funky shout out of self love.

A full 180 from the first half of the split, Sensitivity Boosters are full of energy and they will be heard. It is all about adopting a facade as the band try to sound street hardened as they rap over the swirling epic beats of "Spring Formal" and try to introduce their own slang with "Peep Game (Club Mix)." Mocking The Streets, the band adopt less than perfect posh British accents for their lustful love song to the Queen on "Love Live The Effing Queen." Sensitivity Boosters finish things up by taking one last shot at emotional rock with the acoustic guitar and drum machine ballad "Unplug My Heart."

Where Man Factory are more reserved, Sensitivity Boosters let it all hang out. The contrast is stark and often, when the bands do not intend, laughable. Man Factory have the melodies to make their geeky indie rock somewhat endearing and meriting multiple listens. Sensitivity Boosters, on the other hand, want to keep you entertained and succeed to some degree. "Boyfriend Split" is certainly something different to shake up your regular listening routine.


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