"Apron Strings"

(Ru Records 2002) Breech - Apron Strings

What would Freud have to say about Breech's "Apron Strings," an aptly titled album with several songs about young love (and lust)? Fronted by a woman with the voice and attitude of Fiona Apple, Jewel and Melissa Etheridge all rolled into one, Breech hit on a range of topics, mostly rather serious. They also offer a mix of alternative rock songs that seem to be split evenly between either an up tempo, slightly poppy but still riff heavy and edgy sound or a slower, sometimes sultry, ballad.

"Apology," the album's opener, sets a serious, heavy tone instrumentally as well as lyrically -- hitting on rape, domestic abuse and "the girl across the street/While I had homework she had favors/I saw her cry the very next day/She was pregnant in a heartbeat." With "Bullet Song," Breech offer a more traditional poppy ballad reminiscent of the 90s while the rhythmic and heavy "Easy Bake" reminds you, in a slightly creepy fashion, why you do not take candy from strangers (or Holly Hobbie's or Easy Bake's, as in this case). Slower and sultry "Sachet" as singer Missy Gibson assures you "Oh my love he plays hard to get/He's not over me yet." Opening with accordion, the album's title track has a Fiona Apple vibe as the band tells the tale of a wife who has her husband killed.

With carefully distorted and squealing guitar, "Candy Cane" offers a no frills song that, with its straightforwardness, you cannot avoid while "Splinters" is more up tempo and rocking as "Kindergarten Circus" is a calm and slow to mid tempo song that offers a breather. A plinking intro and opening words of "My first kiss in a garage/He was chewing 5 pieces of grape Bubble Yum and I thought it sexy/His grape tongue in my young mouth," Breech cannot help but grab your attention, with both the lyrics and the instrumentation, and hold onto it throughout "List of Kisses." Breech offer a slow closing to the album with the traditional poppy alt rock style ballad "Thistle" and the piano accented "Lilywhite." Breech close the album with the quiet percussion pattering of "Curtains," an understated song.

Breech offer an interesting album, to say the least as they take the "Apron Strings" idea one step further offering more than one song from a child's point of view. Not only to they have the concept, but they have the music, too. Slightly creepy, the music stands for itself with good rock 'n' roll.


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