"Ebb And Flow"

(Self-Released 2006) Defog - Ebb And Flow

Remember the Peanuts gang -- Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, and their good buddy Woodstock. Often while listening to The Defog's "Ebb And Flow," it brought to mind Snoopy's piano virtuoso friend Schroeder. No, it is not the sounds of Beethoven and Wagner but the loose, jazz inspired piano, energetic notes running quickly after one another, which brought the character to mind. It is that piano sound, along with the band dabbling in electronics, that makes The Defog's "Ebb And Flow" a versatile and varied album.

The twinkling melody of "Ashes And Leaves" sets the tone early on before that jazz influenced sound is combined with soft indie guitars on "Automation." Swirling psychedelics on "Challenger Deep" offer a calming effect with a gentler approach that continues on "Oscillator: Pheromones," a gentle atmospheric song that floats effortlessly for minutes before vocals step in only to repeat "pheromones." Guitar resonates softly over steady instrumentation on the aptly titled "Country Song," a memorable track from "Ebb And Flow."

While The Defog continually contrasts their sound throughout "Ebb And Flow," they always remain confident and self-assured. Never does it seem unnatural as the band float from one light melody to the next, sometimes accompanied by piano or by synths. The result is an overall sound that is familiar and a little catchy without being too insistent or forceful. The Defog do just as they promise and follow the natural tide with "Ebb And Flow."


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