"This Is How Flat The World Is"

(Self-Released 2003) Dreamdaze - This Is How Flat The World Is

Founded by DJ Dazed to experiment with electronic music, Dreamdaze's three-track long "This Is How Flat The World Is" is what a sampler should be. Dreamdaze offer three completely different songs that stay focused, on track and avoid indulgences. And it goes without saying that the songs have a good beat.

Rhythmic with a distinct groove, "Atmosherocephalic" is littered with clapping, ticking and chirping pulses. Whirling and beeping, "Illumined Pleasures" is instrumentally proactive as it incorporates short jazzy phrases throughout the song. Less upbeat, "Placid Abstraction" is spacey and atmospheric with low tone beats.

Dreamdaze's "This Is How Flat The World Is" is short and succinct. And with only three tracks, the instrumental recordings fail to impress upon you anything new despite keeping your interested and entertained. Dreamdaze is straightforward and honest electronic music.


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