Jeffree Star
"Beauty Killer"

(Popsicle Records 2009) Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer

On his “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence” EP, Jeffree Star was unapologetically trashy, flashy and raunchy. While it’s anyone’s guess if the EP was purposely designed to be over the top to set tongues wagging and hype his debut album “Beauty Killer,” Star is different this time around. To say he’s subdued or toned down would be a lie, but he’s certainly more focused on the music…somewhat.

One thing that Star, and certainly his music, simply can’t live without are vocal effects. Without those tinny tweaks that match the pulsating beats, Star’s vocals would seem far less special and fall flat. He’d have to rely too much on the shock factor. Add those vocals sweeping dance tracks that aren’t afraid to make a statement and Star goes balls to the wall. He’s repaid for his efforts as “Electric Sugar Pop” sneaks up on even the most critical of critics with an expectantly syrupy chorus. But when Star drops the “serious” music for fluffier fare it ends up sounding cheap and childish. Take, for example, the almost rap delivery of “Bitch, Please!” that drops more names than an episode of Entourage.

Star shows on “Beauty Killer” that he has the musical chops to make a half-decent album. And he does just that. But when he plays too much to the audience, the celebrity, the fame, the character it turns sour. Having a point of view is one thing but it doesn’t hold water if it’s too embellished. Sure, his electronics aren’t terribly original but if there’s one thing that Jeffree Star doesn’t sound like it is recycled.


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