Johnny Action Figure
"Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning"

(DRP Records 2006) Johnny Action Figure - Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning

East coast emo meets California's Beach Boys for thoughtful heartfelt lyrics delivered in smoothly blended harmonies that dominate Johnny Action Figure's "Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning." The band's bright and poppy sound is anything but heavy as it floats through your stereo's speakers with a likable feel that is practically unavoidable.

From the very beginning, Johnny Action Figure set the tone with a bouncy guitar riff and melodic harmonies on "Lose Our Face" and the less aggressive but equally melodic "(This Is How I Look) When I Laugh At Death." Vocals soar over the bouncy and slightly thrashing instrumentation on "Please Stop Spinning" as Johnny Action Figure turn things up and push themselves further while continuing the sound with the speedy and bright "Francis." A twinkling keyboard melody helps to set "Like A Canary" out from its quick racing instrumentation as the band layer on the background vocal harmonies. Meanwhile piano lightly accents "Replaced With Lampposts," which starts shakily but redeems itself with an intricate vocal arrangement in the round while the acoustic guitar of "Your Fortune's Gonna Leave You" opens onto a delicate and quiet melody.

While Johnny Action Figure is unabashedly poppy, the seven-track release remains unshakably upbeat in its sound. One can only take so much of the band's near-perfectly blended harmonies and clean vocal arrangements that are layered over bright guitar riffs and light instrumentation. "Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning" is a gentle and focused musical ride that a Johnny Action Figure orchestrates smartly.


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