Kill Hannah
"Wake Up The Sleepers"

(Original Signal Recordings 2009) Kill Hannah - Wake Up The Sleepers

At one time, Kill Hannah could write a pretty catchy tune. The futuristic sounding electro-rockers have always fallen somewhere between the industrial alt-rock of Nine Inch Nails and the fun, carefree feel of the dance floor. Take, for example, their sexed up track “I Wanna Be A Kennedy.” These days the band has better production values and are no longer Chicago’s best kept secret. On their newest full-length, “Wake Up The Sleepers,” Kill Hannah take some small risks but mostly play it pretty safe.

Kill Hannah are straightforward with “Wake Up The Sleepers.” It’s an unspoken message of “turn it up loud and let’s get it on.” Gritty electronics pound like an old Orgy track on probably the album’s best tune, “New York City Speed.” Elsewhere the oddly likable “Why I Have My Grandma’s Sad Eyes” balances delicate verses with heavy electronics while “TOKYO (Dance In The Dust)” drops the charade and just goes for a pounding dance track with a cheering chant spelling “Tokyo.”

With “Wake Up The Sleepers” being Kill Hannah’s first since departing from Atlantic Records, where they released two albums, now seems like the perfect time to go for broke and try something new or experiment with their sound. After all, these guys have been around, in some form or another, for over a decade. And in some ways, they do stretch their sound. But for the same reason, the album sticks close to their formula of a large, powerful sound accented with throbbing electronics and soaring choruses. At the end of the day, “Wake Up The Sleepers” sounds true to Kill Hannah.


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