Mondo Primo
"2FN Hot"

(Doghouse Records/Heinous Records 2008) Mondo Primo - 2FN Hot

As the term pop-punk continues to grow and change, few are staying back with the old standard of simple power chords, quick easy solos, and fun lyrics. Lacking overly effected voices, raps in between verses, guest appearances, or the sullen tone of "my girlfriend broke up with me," Mondo Primo keeps music fun. Making music more of a party than an experience.

Mondo Primo write songs on the album "2FN Hot" that poke fun at everyday experiences, such as the self explanatory "Dude, Your Girlfriend Sucks," containing lyrics like, "She can't drive 55 without her license cause she has 5 DUIs and that's retarded." The music keeps your feet tapping, and finding yourself singing along after the second listen isn't rare. There might not be a deeper meaning behind what they are saying, but who cares, sometimes music is just music.

Though "2FN Hot" might not be for the "adult audience," anyone who enjoys a good time can easily get into this album. Simple song structures are reminiscent of early Blink-182, Weezer, and New Found Glory. But, they stray away from that a bit by starting some songs with full group vocals that make you smile, or start some burst into an angst filled anthem on the first chord. There are plenty of minor guitar solos to spice up a track, and it also helps break up the monotony of pop punk.

A minor complaint is that it is just plain old pop punk. There isn't too much on this album that could be considered "interesting," but then again, there isn't supposed to be.

Overall, this is a quality modern pop punk album for anyone who enjoys an easy listen. This album is good to exercise to, do homework to, listen to on a Friday afternoon, or maybe play at the next "parents are out of town" house party. Don't expect Mondo Primo to be making waves anytime soon, but it wouldn't be shocking to see them play at Warped Tour a year from now.


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