Abattoir 3000
"Road Trip to Oblivion"

(Self-Released 2004)Abattoir 3000 - Road Trip to Oblivion

Tongue-in-cheek throughout, Abattoir 3000's "Road Trip to Oblivion" takes the punk ethos and finds a number of applications for it. From folk ballads to 70s inspired punk rock, Abattoir 3000 come across as serious until you listen carefully to the lyrics.

The album's title track works the United States national anthem into it as well as Ronald & Nancy Reagan and bombing for want results as a not so secret message. Good old fashioned rock with solid instrumentation can be found on songs like "Do You Remember" and the ballad "Despair and Departure." Darkly lilting, the Cramps' Lux Interior could have written the sexual story told on the memorable "Kirkagard." "You took my money/and you took my wife/But when you went for my business, that was when I went for my knife," Jason Shaw sings on "Country Road," a folk ballad full of black humor and bluesy guitar accents while on the short "Tipper," David Asher sings a la Jello Biafra, "Tipper couldn't catch a buzz." Abattoir 3000 are bouncy and up tempo on "She Bitch" and "Wildly Unsuccessful Lives" and just when you think they might behave themselves, "Happily Ever After" is a gritty punk rock chant.

While "Road Trip to Oblivion" can, apparently, be used as a companion to a book by Abattoir 3000's Kent Messer, the music speaks for itself. Eight different vocalists make appearances on the eleven songs without it feeling like a compilation.


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