A Camp

(Nettwerk Records 2009)A Camp - Colonia

If the Germans are known for their precise engineering, and the French are known for their haute cuisine, then the Swedes should undoubtedly be known for their upbeat pop music. Forget about their inexpensive DIY furniture by way of Ikea. And while the country does seem to produce (and export) quite a large number of metal bands, there seems to be something in the Swedish DNA that makes writing sweet and sunny melodies second nature. Need I even mention Abba as an example?

With all that said it should be of no surprise that A Camp – 2/3 Swedish, 1/3 American – fronted by the golden-throated Cardigans’ Nina Persson, falls comfortably into the indie pop category. But what, at first might sound like amiable pop fair is actually somewhat more subversive and divisive. “So let’s raise our glasses/to murderous asses like you,” Persson declares on the twinkling and epic opening track “The Crowning” while on the easy swinging “My America,” she swears “I’m yours to knock around…You’re my America.”

Don’t fight it; just give yourself over to the pop side. This isn’t your standard vapid pop, it’s far more gratifying. It’s simply easier to just accept tracks, like the instantly memorable “Stronger Than Jesus,” from the on set than to resist; it really is futile. Because in the end, after a few listens, A Camp’s “Colonia” is less of a somewhat guilty pleasure and more of a charming album that can win you over – assuming you haven’t already fallen for Persson’s charms.


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