Ace Enders & A Million Different People
"When I Hit The Ground"

(Drive-Thru/Vagrant Records 2009)Ace Enders & A Million Different People - When I Hit The Ground

Ace Enders & A Million Different People are back, with a full length CD, put out by Drive-Thru and Vagrant records. The fourteen track installment is much more than just a mature version of "The Secret Wars" EP that Enders put out in early summer '08. In every way, this album is much more desirable than the EP, with new songs, revamped old songs, and a whole new tone.

"When I Hit The Ground" comes with a fresh, new Enders, writing the songs he's always wanted to write. Songs that are punchy and poppy, along with honest and pure ballads. The one things that this album lacks is exuberant guitar licks that were found in The Early November, but Enders makes up for that with his stellar songwriting.

Of course, there are the trademark Ace Enders songs where it is just him and a acoustic guitar. These songs include the demo found on his MySpace page, "Emergency," and the cute song "My New Guitar," which is short and sweet. Along side of those songs, are full band songs like "Bring Back Love," and the opening track of the album, "Re-introduction."

This album is Enders at his finest. The lyrics are more introspective and questioning, with the occasional remorseful tune. The thing that is exceptional, is that on those guilt-ridden songs, Enders doesn't just moan and groan. The songs are more hopeful, than hopeless. If Enders was a Catholic, this would be his confessional. He doesn't leave any feelings out, and you can really sense that with these songs.

Enders' strengths are his angelic voice, and marvelous choruses. This album is full of Enders using those strengths to create a stunning release. It's been a long wait for this album, and for some, the EP wasn't enough to tide them over. "When I Hit The Ground" is what we've all been waiting for.