A Day In Black And White/Black Castle

(State of Mind Recordings 2004)A Day In Black And White/Black Castle - Split

Wow! A Day in Black and White kicks some serious ass. It's as simple as that. These D.C. boys bring the ruckus with an amazing follow through as well as a cluttery start-stop dynamic to their beats and rhythms that others like to label as "mathcore." In more simple terms, just about any die hard fan of Dillinger Escape Plan will cream their shorts if they are within earshot of this band. "In A Grove" starts things off on this split with this sort of ambient post-core proggy art leaning but then, wham! "What Do You Want Me To Do, Sign Your Freakin Yearbook?" comes crashing in from left field with the jagged guitar welches and the pulse of a blender as someone turns it on and off while it is set on frappe. "Part One" taxis at first with some deep droning before being spearheaded into a maniacal audible onslaught of lyricism that is cagey yet intense. And just like that, it is over. On a seven song EP, only three of them are from A Day in Black and White before it segues into the dredges of Black Castle.

It seems as if this band is composed of a pack of tormented hyenas as Black Castle exhibits a completely sloppy precision with no sustainability in the bridges or the hooks of their music. It leaves the listener scratching their head saying, "How the fuck did this band get on the same split with such a powerhouse like A Day and Black in White?" I will give them props for the Castlevania-like keyboard licks but aside from that, the singing is just downright atrocious.

A Day in Black and White is most definitely a band not to takes your eyes off of for 2006 as I'm sure their upcoming full length is going to be none less than stellar, but they had better watch the company they keep.