Admiral Twin
"The Center of the Universe"

(Pop Collective 2007)Admiral Twin - The Center of the Universe

It has been a long road for Tulsa, Oklahoma's Admiral Twin. In just over the decade that the band has been together there have been lineup changes, record label changes, and even a tour with Hanson, who share their hometown. Oh, the good old days. Now on the band's fifth album, "The Center of the Universe," Admiral Twin is keeping things loose and fun.

Strong rhythms are an important and driving force behind many of the songs on "The Center of the Universe," like on the stripped down "Smash It Up" as it creeps slowly up on you while the electric guitar lead of "In My Veins" has a glossy, seductive quality to it. Elsewhere, such as on opening track "Good As Gold," the band are laidback with gentle, soft melodies. Aside from the fact that "Big Black Car" is not a Big Star cover -- a suitable match for these modern rockers with a flair for poppy melodies -- the song bounces eagerly on its heels with a light touch.

Admiral Twin make "The Center of the Universe" a varied affair that dabbles in this and that while still managing to sound cohesive, a fact that is not that surprising given their experience. But for a band labeled an alternative pop rock trio, "The Center of the Universe" is disappointingly short on the hooks and catchy choruses that you look for in just these circumstances. Instead Admiral Twin relies on their upbeat and suavely styled sound, which they deliver, while they skate comfortably by.


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