"Jersey Shores"

(Neurot Recordings 2008)Akimbo - Jersey Shores

As one of those crazy people from Southeastern Pennsylvania who says things like "going down the shore" -- when what we actually mean is driving east across the bridge to the New Jersey beaches -- I'm a little disappointed. Longtime rockers Akimbo's new album, entitled "Jersey Shores," might actually be a bit cleaner than those said beaches. Actually Akimbo's new album has a much stronger concept than that. The band has found their inspiration from sharks terrorizing the Jersey beaches in 1916.

Assuming you're aware of that concept going in, the album plays with a more frenzied tone. At its peak, "Matawan" blasts, commanding the storm of full instrumentation and sounding not unlike a ballsier Dead Meadows wrestling with Fugazi. The band covers ground with "Lester Stillwell," repeatedly roaring back from casual jams with fierce instrumental assaults over an eleven minute period. "Rogue" seems to stick out from the bunch, bass pumping through the mix that leans more towards straightforward rock and thrash than some of the others prior to a drone out end. All this before they cut off the heavy-duty thrashing for abrupt silence and the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore on the album's title track, which finishes the record off.

Although not quite as hard hitting of a stoner-slash-metal sound as their 2007 Alternative Tentacle's release "Navigating the Bronze," Akimbo sound tighter and more focused without getting wrapped up in an endless quest for perfection on "Jersey Shores." Post-hardcore with a West Coast edge, Akimbo's "Jersey Shore" is a stormy sea worth traveling.


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