Alcoholic Faith Mission
"421 Wythe Avenue"

(Paper Garden Records 2010)Alcoholic Faith Mission - 421 Wythe Avenue

Experimental albums are very dangerous to speak about. For every person who thinks that they are the best thing since sliced bread, there's another person who'll disagree with them and denounce it as self righteous and a disgrace to music. The father of American experimental music John Cage was based in New York. So have they succeeded him as the fathers of experimental music? Not quite.

The album isn't terrible. It's just it's a very inconsistent album. For every "Painting Animals In Watercolors" (which, by the way, sounds like a lost Sinead O' Conner track) you get "Theme From Soft Ice Cream Products" (which features a popping sound that can only be described as annoying and overbearing). Unfortunately the amount of good tracks vs. bad tracks tips just in favor towards the bad ones.

However there are some highlights which include "Nut In Your Eye," which is absolutely brilliant. This track could be the ballad of the year. It features excellent vocals and a sublimely addictive chorus. It is the best track on the album. The aforementioned "Theme From Soft Ice Cream Products" is another highlight though nowhere the quality of "Nut In Your Eye" is still worth listening to. "Did You Eat" is also very good and provides for an entertaining listen.

However it's songs like "Sweet Evelyn" (which clocks in at almost eleven minutes) that drag the album down. "Sweet Evelyn" feels like filler as do some of the other tracks. This is disappointing because songs like "Nut In Your Eye" make you believe in the potential of this Danish foursome. To conclude this is nowhere near being a terrible album, it's just apart from the superb "Nut In Your Eye," it's rather unremarkable.


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