American Black Lung
"And They Rode Their Weapons Into War"

(Burning House Records 2006)American Black Lung - And They Rode Their Weapons Into War

Tucson, Arizona's The American Black Lung only has capacity for one volume. And that volume is loud. The pounding rock on the band's debut album "And They Rode Their Weapons Into War" is a brutal assault that digs into nails in and just will not let go as it pushes and shoves you, moshing and head banging until you are sore. It is no holds barred rock with some hardcore influences that The American Black Lung is offering.

While electric guitar is one of the spotlights of the album, do not expect upfront solos with quick shredding. Instead, The American Black Lung opts for the stoner sound of repeating a few good riffs throughout a song. Up tempo riffs drive "Werewolves by Night" and "A Pair of Cufflinks Would Look Great with that Salute" while a deeper, slower groove digs in on "Dhusty Rhodes" as electric guitar squeals through the crashing drums. Cutting riffs set the rhythm on "Graduation Song" before the song takes a turn for a harder metal sound, the vocals going from shouting into growled screaming and scowling.

Fun and catchy rock comes through on every one of the ten tracks on The American Black Lung's "And They Rode Their Weapons Into War." By tweaking each song just a bit, the band avoid sounding the exact same with each track. But they come awful close. Neither simple nor overcomplicated, The American Black Lung does just what they have to do. "And They Rode Their Weapons Into War" is an engaging rock record.


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