Amy Vee
"All In Me"

(Self-Released 2002)Amy Vee - All In Me

With a soft voice that can be powerful when it needs to be, Australian singer/songwriter Amy Vee commands your attention with her light, memorable melodies. Armed only with an acoustic guitar for two tracks on her "All In Me" EP, Vee demonstrates she can rock a little ("All In Me") and can also play the same song acoustic ("All In Me" (Live)) and make communicate just as much emotion and feeling while still sounding great.

Opening with the EP's title track, Amy Vee offers the recording's only plugged-in and mastered song. Poppy but minimally using the genre's typically corny instrumentation, Vee reminds of fellow Aussie Natalie Imbruglia with her soft but strong vocals. "I can only try to believe it/Searching for purpose amongst this perpetuating circus/I'm not jaded but I've been played for so long, so incessantly," sings Vee on "All In Me." Going acoustic and "solo," "Friendly Fire" and "Where You Are" are just Vee and an acoustic guitar. "Friendly Fire" is pretty, the melody resting in Vee's vocals, and quieter than the catchier "Where You Are" which features uses a stronger vocal style. "These ruminations they taunt/To the point where I lose myself in the abyss of my own thought/Well they say you never miss your water unless you drown," Vee sings in "Where You Are." The EP's final track is a live, acoustic version of "All In Me" that is not as polished but offers a different take on the song than the recorded version.

Between a voice that is easy and enjoyable to listen to and songs that make her even more pleasurable to listen to, Amy Vee is a nice change in the world of solo women in music. Her "All In Me" EP is just the right mixture of acoustic guitar and vocals and just enough pop melodies to make it memorable.