"Urban Comfort EP"

(First Flight Records 2002)Anamude - Urban Comfort EP

Many artists today chose to remain solo but adopt a name for their project. Anamude, Ana Hortillosa's project, features the singer/songwriter performing and playing guitar and accordion. And it is the combination of Hortillosa's vocals with her guitar, and later her accordion, which make her "Urban Comfort EP" an enjoyable and different listening experience.

Opening in a quiet, simple and rather quick way, the less than minute long "Excerpt" begins the "Urban Comfort EP" in a poetic fashion. Almost sounding as though she is simply fooling around with her acoustic guitar, unaware of being recorded, "Brokedown" has a rough feel to it, as you hear Hortillosa's guitar squeaking as she changes positions -- a detail which gives the song character and makes it more enjoyable. The slower fooling around suddenly pulls together and gradually accelerates as Hortillosa's vocals join in. "Here's another sigh to another goodbye/watch the clouds roll and birds fly/even farther" sings Hortillosa on the more melodic, "Urban Comfort #1" while its partner "Urban Comfort #2" has a slightly deeper tone as she decides "well I think this means/I need a new beginning." The third song in the series, "Urban Comfort #3" answers its predecessor with a slower tune while, lyrically, distancing itself from life's regrets. Ending as quickly as it began, "Nosedive" ends the EP with Hortillosa's guitar and vocals which are complimented by accordion.

Hortillosa delivers her bird-like vocals in a Lou Reed fashion at times, half singing, half talking to you. Although simple, "Urban Comfort EP" does not over do nor does it make you feel as though something is missing. It is Anamude's involved acoustic guitar parts and introspective lyrics that make the EP thoughtful and more complex than it might appear at first glance.


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