And Then There Were None
"Who Will Speak For Planet Earth"

(Tooth & Nail 2009)And Then There Were None - Who Will Speak For Planet Earth

Josephine Collective meets techno music, and procreates. And Then There Were None was their offspring. ATTWN takes a good idea and ruins it. There is no meshing of the two genres (techno and emo). It's like putting one top of the other: like oil and water. The album "Who Will Speak For Planet Earth" could be found both at a dance club and at Hot Topic. You could easily pull the album apart and have two separate albums for both scenes. The vocals are high and whiny, with bumpin' grooves behind them and chugging guitar riffs that set the whole occasion (the occasion is still undecided). And though the idea seems great, ATTWN only goes three steps forward, stopping at creativity and songwriting skills. This band rips off every techno song on the radio and every emo band that will be on Warped Tour this summer.

These guys are very brave for creating such an album, which is something to respect. It is understandable that they think this album could make it after Metro Station took over the planet. It's hard not to try and one up Metro Station, but this album is just overkill. It is very black and white. If you've been trying to find a "techno band with balls" then you've sort of found your match, but you'd do better with Sky Eats Airplane.

There is one song that just defines this whole album. The cover of "Right Here Waiting" sounds as if the original version met the '99 rave scene. The guitars ring as if they're coming straight out of a computer, the vocals are too drowned out by effects, and the synth is, well, synth.

Only reason these guys get a D+ is because of their bravery.


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