"The Freak Power Candidate"

(Volcom Entertainment 2004)Arkham - The Freak Power Candidate

While "The Freak Power Candidate" may be far from perfect, most of the cookie cutter sounding bands who hail from the Orange County area would be rather smart to take a page out of the book from their fellow local quasi art punkers Arkham. From the beginning, "The Cheque's in the Mail" is a rather snide and rebellious track as singer Ben Bailey's hacked up voice makes for some good melodies that amalgamate well with the hooks as "Cyclist Killed By Nautical Cargo" exhibits this bands aptitude, which is seriously lacking in the track's lackluster style.

Some true sludge rock is abound with the fuzzy overtones in the treble of "JFKFC" with Kevin Burwick's spiky guitar driven breakdowns while Helmet comes to mind on "New Millennium Shark Attack" which is totally superb. However, such a track is immediately followed by the sophomoric "Curse of the Finger Tarantula" which is also followed by the ultra sappy rhythm of "30 Hours".

One shouldn't dismiss Arkham just yet because it seems that right now they are still finding their niche with what it is that they do as they exhibit a potential to release a great album some time in the near future.


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