Arranged Marriage
"Dearly Beloved"

(Suburban Sprawl Music 2010)Arranged Marriage - Dearly Beloved

Brad and Scott Allen have everything in place to record their album "Dearly Beloved." Scott has an ear to the current music scene, playing keyboard/percussion and singing in the indie noise rock act Thunderbirds Are Now! Brad's Leisure Studios, located conveniently in his family's basement, has produced albums for said Thunderbirds, Red Shirt Brigade, Javelins, Tiny Steps, The Recital, and New Grenada. He even did some solo work and played with The AllTin Band and The Voyager Band. So rock pedigree, check. Studio, check. Father and Son gimmick, check?

Being born nearly thirty years apart has not been a hindrance for Brad and Scott to craft a derivative, yet authentic ‘60s psych pop tribute. Beatles influenced numbers "Sit Alone" and "What My Dreams Convey," the latter with an oddly similar melody to "Rocky Raccoon," are the enjoyable, easy listeners. Like every other Beatles-band, Arranged Marriage have an undeniable likability. While not original, it's still acceptable. Arranged Marriage are at their best when they stray from the flower child mixtape sound. Scott's vocals on "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" and "Brand New" have a Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco fame) vibe that provide a welcomed alt country twang.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Brad and Scott Allen are gimmicky with their pairing up. "Dearly Beloved" is a good, quality album from two artists who are both talented and knowledgeable about their craft. Yet, Arranged Marriage's echoed sound is going to be remembered as just that, another echo. Could be worse...or could be original.


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