Ashley Naylor
"Ashley Naylor's Four Track Mind"

(Elephant Stone Records 2006)Ashley Naylor - Ashley Naylor\'s Four Track Mind

Australian musician Ashley Naylor's debut album "Ashley Naylor's Four Track Mind" might be lo-fi but the music is so full, of rich melodies and strong vocals and lyrics, that it could never be considered flat or distorted. The former Even band member sets out with a definite Britpop sound as Naylor proves that in many cases, less is so very much more.

Through a strong rhythm and some effects, "Resurrection Blues" offers up some light psychedelics as "Merry-Go-Round" bounces and sets the tone of Naylor's minimalist sound. Steady but gentle piano helps make "Sooth Me With Your Song" into a poignant and memorable moment on the album. Meanwhile on "All Over Again," Naylor builds from the bottom up, adding vibes and thick guitar riffs to the song. Loose and laidback, "I Made Up My Mind" does just as Naylor sings and takes its time as the song meanders through buzzing electric guitar, acoustic guitar and sliding vocals while the acoustic guitar and vocals of the smooth "Raking Up Leaves" and "Under Your Radar" come across sounding like long lost John Lennon tracks. Naylor also offers up some extra bits with the acoustic guitar instrumental "Pyjama Stars" and the strong closing track "Blackie's Bell."

Simply understated, "Ashley Naylor's Four Track Mind" is memorable with its endearing melodies and effective lyrics. Part Lennon, part Bob Dylan and part Neil Young, Naylor borrows from some of the greats while still making it his own. "Ashley Naylor's Four Track Mind" may be his solo debut but it is one that will find itself continually in your stereo.