(Self-Released 2002)A-Sides - Demo

The A-Sides' demo sounds as though it could have been recorded in a club in England during the 1960s and then cleaned up a bit. That is, until you find out they're from Philadelphia and recording in a basement in late 2002. Sounding, most generally, like The Beatles during their "Please Please Me"/"with the Beatles" era, the demo offers that early 60s sound that is good for both singing along and dancing to.

On the opening track, "Carolina," The A-Sides use traditional structures and guitar styles and even replicate the Beatles' infamous "ooh." Progressing, they create a sound combination of every British band from the 1960s with a mix of fun, catchy repetitive riffs and lyrics on "Mulberry Marie", "Another Day" and "I Can't Leave That Girl." "Another Day" taps George Harrison before adding a garage rock rhythm while "I Can't Leave That Girl" reminds the listener of Eric Idle's Beatles parody band, The Rutles. And finally dropping back a decade, the 50s sound of "Where's The Fire?" opens with Chuck Berry's "Rock & Roll Music" and progresses into Ritchie Valens' "Come On, Let's Go" briefly.

Full of promise despite their unoriginality, The A-Sides' retro sound needs some tweaking. Going where the current garage rock craze rarely does, The A-Sides offer a cool take on the past. Not quite Philly's answer to Oasis, The A-Sides' harmonies and instrumentation could use tightening. But the band demonstrates that, lyrically, little has changed in nearly forty years; their boy likes girl lyrics work now or then.