As Tall As Lions
"As Tall As Lions"

(Triple Crown Records 2006)As Tall As Lions - As Tall As Lions

On their self-titled sophomore album, As Tall As Lions are soaring with their heads in the clouds and their feet rarely touching the ground beneath them. Co-produced by two guys who have more than just a little experience -- Mike Watt and Steven Haigler -- As Tall As Lions put themselves into good hands. Propelled by their melodies, that are light as a feather but still tethered, from going too far off base, with pulsing and lively instrumentation, As Tall As Lions are ready to take off and go flying into the stratosphere.

Guitar twinkles as the band reach for the sky as the melody flies gracefully by on "Ghost of York" while the smoothly melodic "Song For Luna" sets a pulse quickening pace. "Be Here Now" morphs its full pounding chorus into an infectious pop tune before it turns to a quiet piano-led ending. As Tall As Lions show that bittersweet ballads are where their strengths lie, such as on "A Break A Pause," with its well blended fluidity, and "Milk and Honey," with its light falsetto vocals and sweeping melody. The band make "Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)" the focus point of the album as the song slowly creeps up on you and blooms into a powerful and memorable track.

Working an angle now familiar and popular on today's music scene, As Tall As Lions' self-titled album is in good albeit not the most innovative company. For fans of smooth melodies that desire to build themselves into anthems, As Tall As Lions do their best to win you over with their album.


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