As Tall As Lions
"November 15, 2009"

As Tall As Lions - November 15, 2009

The Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, NY, USA

Scene: audience mulling about, with house music that is clearly a joke; for how else could one explain the use of Steely Dan, polka and hardcore metal, all in a five minute span?! Music stops, curtain opens, and the crowd goes WILD. Clearly a huge welcome home for Long Island's own As Tall As Lions, as they burst into electrifying opener "Stab City." Its driving bass line serves as the funky, space-rock heartbeat to a tune that identifies the six men that grace the stage as pure entertainers, right from the start.

As "Stab City's" trumpet solos and ridiculous dancing fade into their beautifully harmonic vocal melodies, bassist Julio Tavarez immediately takes the wheel as he thumps his rhythm through yet another crowd favorite. All the while, front man Dan Nigro swoons the audience with an intensity you'd come to expect after hearing the first song alone. Also included in the evening's short, yet amazingly entertaining set list is "Circles," an awesome tribal tune that calls on syncopated tom-smacking by more than half of the band. Subtle allusions to pop culture pepper the performance, like the trumpet outro of Outkast's "I Like The Way You Move," for example. The perfect cap to the night for As Tall As Lions comes with their closer, as Nigro shouts into a megaphone for lo-fi effect ultimately earning the audience's approval.

All in all a pretty good night for the sextet from the Island; they seemed to offset their short effort with enthusiasm and love for their peers. Nigro repeatedly apologized, whilst promising a return to the area in the near future. As a curfew was apparent, and headliner Minus the Bear had yet to perform, all was quickly forgiven as the atmospheric pop melodies came to a close without even so much as an encore. Ending the show just as swiftly as it had begun, the curtain swung across the stage, covering it in black. If only for a few hours, the quiet hum of the amplifiers and a ringing remain in your ears. Talk about an encore.