"Slip Into Something More Comfortable"

(Broken English Records 2007)Asteria - Slip Into Something More Comfortable

The five-piece band Asteria from Crown Point, Indiana, might be an emo band. But on their sophomore release "Slip Into Something More Comfortable," Asteria want everyone to know that are not just another emo band. Indeed, there is more than meets the eye with Asteria. Amidst the smooth, confident vocals, with just a hint of a whining tone, and driving electric guitar riffs, there is a playfulness that allows for creativity and a seeming obsession to keep the listener's attention.

With "Slip Into Something More Comfortable," sometimes Asteria are unavoidable with their rambunctious songs. Other times the band seems to beg for your attention. The band's energetic and vibrant songs, which dominate a majority of the album, will set your head spinning with racing speeds and lively riffs that appear to be all over the place. Opening track "Drink Life to the Lees" sets the bar high with a full drum and bass sound while the lightly melodic guitar riff of "Pet Names & Fake Fights" is contrasted with heavy instrumentation. Asteria offers some much needed variety with a muted pizzicato bridge on the quick and poppy "The Taste the Touch" as the tight rhythm of the album's title track shows a more reserved side.

Asteria puts their hearts into "Slip Into Something More Comfortable" along with their blood, sweat and tears. It ends up being an earnest album that avoids some of the clichés in favor of a more creative touches applied here and there. With a more liberal imagination, Asteria could reach farther than they allow themselves on "Slip Into Something More Comfortable."


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