A Study In Her
"Another Year in Philadelphia"

(Electronic Eel Records/Sex Cells Records 2007)A Study In Her - Another Year in Philadelphia

From one moment to the next on A Study In Her's "Another Year in Philadelphia," you never know what to expect. With an ever changing line-up from studio recording to live performances, at least eight A Study In Her members performed on the album. Perhaps this is to explain for the wide variety of music "Another Year in Philadelphia" offers. From slow and dreamy to fast-paced heart-quickening numbers, the band's fourth full-length release is an unpredictable mix of sounds, emotions and rhythms.

Buzzing vocals scream over a slinking and thumping drum machine rhythm on "Make It Real" while, over the elastic pulses of "Photo Club" the band encourage you to "take off all your clothes and shut the curtains." Elsewhere on the album, the band opts for a difference sound. The fun and upbeat rock of "Favorite Actor" complements the riff-driven bounce of "True Romance," a song peppered by indistinguishable chatter in the background. "An Ex-American Girl" is a bit darker with an attitude that comes off more in your face while the steady pounding rhythm of "There Is A Ghost In The Car" is balanced by a dreamy melody.

A Study In Her are fun while still reserving some artsy qualities. "Another Year in Philadelphia" may not always remain totally coherent or focused, but their songs remain tied together simply by feeling and essence. Each sound is contrasted by another sound, a choice that makes each song stand out on its own. A Study In Her are coming into their own.