"What You Don't Know is Frontier"

(Southern Records 2008)Asva - What You Don\'t Know is Frontier

If you're planning on listening to "What You Don't Know is Frontier," there are a few things that need to be laid out for you. If you need your music frenetic and active, if you need stuff to be happening at all times, you might have a difficult time with this one. For this is a drone album, and like any drone album worthy of the moniker, "WYDKIF" plays out verrrry verrrry slooowwwllyy. Be prepared for intermittent guitar chords repeated endlessly, no vocals, and four tracks clocking in at seventy minutes.

The frontier that Asva dwell in is a dark one indeed. Tendrils of electronic mist rise through the cracked ground to dissipate into the achingly melancholic atmosphere. Lightning cracks of fiery guitar break the sooty veil to illuminate the ebon moon thrumming above the sooty vista. It may not seem so at first glance, but the landscape is not unchanging. "A Game in Hell, Hard Work in Heaven" and its exotic chanting, melodic guitar work, and short slice of black metal drum beat blow in like a timidly hopeful squall before giving way to the steady rhythms that preceded it.

This is certainly not the kind of music meant for taking laps around the track or cruising with your friends; it's more suited to lonely midnight drives on equally lonely roads. Or better yet, in your room with the lights out. I'd recommend sparking up before pressing play, but this is a family program. If you're not familiar with this style of music, "What You Don't Know is Frontier" will be an exceedingly difficult album to penetrate. But if you're patient, and willing to dig into it a little, this could prove to be a frontier worth exploring.


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