"Of Nostalgia and Rebellion"

(Self-Released 2010)Attack - Of Nostalgia and Rebellion

I'm not saying it's right, but in this world stereotypes can be applied to just about anything. That includes music. For example, East Coast hardcore and punk generally has had a different attitude, sound and point of view compared to West Coast hardcore and punk rock. Now, stereotypes are call stereotypes for a reason. Case in point: a band of punk rockers called The Attack. The Attack sounds like Nick Oliveri fronting The Bronx, what with their high octane, pummeling instrumentation and shrieking vocals. So what's the "problem?" Have you figured it out? Both of those artists in the comparison are West Coasters while The Attack is from Orlando, FL. Maybe it's a warm weather thing.

Opening track "The Great Escape" is full throttle rock ‘n' roll while "Prove It" gets a little cliche as the band goes for a typical hardcore breakdown while vocalist Charlie Bender screams that "if you weren't so insecure you wouldn't have to prove it." Sharply melodic vocals create a hook of a chorus for "Getaway Car," a track with a sort of brutal, hard hitting surf sound. The band rounds out the album with a cover of "Bad Moon Rising," unsurprisingly sped up.

It's a fun album that's high energy and doesn't ever stop as it flies through eleven hard hitting songs. But what niche does The Attack fill with "Of Nostalgia and Rebellion?" The Attack come across as less
aggressive than The Bronx and, as the album progresses, it becomes clear that most is just a rehashing of things you've heard before and heard done better. The Attack is heavy on the nostalgia and a little lighter on the rebellion on "Of Nostalgia and Rebellion."



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