(Self-Released 2004)Autodrone - Autodrone

New York City's Autodrone are indie rock with instrumentation that makes it all worthwhile. While they claim a "drone" sound, they are not Earth, Dead Meadow, or Sunn. Autodrone rely on their nostalgic focused jam sound that is anything but outdated.

Drums speed on the darkly melodic "Forward Fever" while Susanna Melendez's vocals are delivered unhurriedly and with a hint of attitude. Autodrone draw you in with the repetitious retro indie rock of "Blue Mind." On "For Now" they are rhythmic, intense and almost poppy before "XO" gets right to business with tight instrumentation. Autodrone play with dynamics on "Entertainment," starting slow and catchy and then quickening their pulse, and yours, before closing with "Exit," a U2 cover that builds momentum and energy carefully.

Drums stand out on Autodrone's self-titled EP as bass and guitar blend and follow suit, coming together for an organic sound. Artsy without excluding, Autodrone, in the end, remind you that this is still entertainment.