"Butterfly Radio"

(Omega Point Records 2006)Avenpitch - Butterfly Radio

On their self-titled debut full-length release, Avenpitch banged out catchy tunes like "Housecat" and "Hacienda." The band did not blend, they smashed punk and electronic together in a way that new wave just never did. Now back with their sophomore release, "Butterfly Radio," the band continues where they left off.

The rap meets singing vocal style of Avenpitch lead Todd Millenacker could easily come off sounding monotonous. Instead, Millenacker's vocals end up being energetic while his annunciation and delivery add a certain character and put real emotions behind each song. The band's unique brand of electronic punk thumps on the catchy and familiar "Dusseldorf" although the party really starts with the speeding pulses and beats of "Jack The Idiot Dance." Avenpitch do not want you to get too comfortable or complacent just yet. The party is only just beginning. On "A Safer Car," Avenpitch offer chugging electro-rock. Buzzing instrumentation gets a little gritty on "Disposable Pop Song" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" while "Smitten," a sweet synth ballad with some backbone, and "Messalina," which features a twinkling keyboard melody, balance the light with the dark.

Shying away from sounds too dark, "Butterfly Radio" is full of catchy tunes that immediately pull listeners in with their infectious rhythms and distinct vocal delivery. Avenpitch have a new outlook on life and so far, things are looking good. The band's "Butterfly Radio" is not ashamed to be driven by melodies and catchy riffs that keep things interesting throughout.


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