Aviador Dro

(Omega Point Records 2006)Aviador Dro - ¡Eléctrico!

For music fans that missed the scintillating sounds of the Spanish synth pop band El Aviador Dro -- or for those English speakers who did not take Spanish in high school, "The Pilot Dro" -- the first time around, "¡Eléctrico!" is the band's first United States release. "¡Eléctrico!" also happens to be a retrospective compilation which pulls together their music from 1978 until 2006. A mix of favorites like Devo and The Human League, Aviador Dro's music is perky and poppy, a little weird and unavoidably catchy.

Monotone vocal delivery adds some needed weight as a delicate and wispy melody lilts in the background while adding a note of looming expectancy on "Nuclear sí." Putting a spin on the sounds of the '80s, Aviador Dro delivers bouncy melodies that dominate on tracks like the light and poppy "La zona fantasma" and the dance-friendly "La ciudad en movimiento." Elsewhere the band balance out the lightness with the edgier "Amor Industrial" and the catchy "Nestor el cyborg" as they flirt with a rougher sound and exert some much needed attitude. With a steady pulsing that suggests the band playing Pong in the background at the recording studio, "Ella perdió el control" takes a relatively minimal approach as it builds up gradually. A mini Spanish lesson, the pumping "Trance" offers Spanish words and their English equivalents for a straight forward and fun song that is more than just a learning experience.

There are now no excuses for synth pop fans to miss out on Aviador Dro, a band sure to bring back some fond memories of your favorite '70s and '80s electronic bands and pop favorites. A great portion of Aviador Dro's music is still timeless and a clear reflection of what is influencing today's hit making bands. With a better late than never attitude, "¡Eléctrico!" is a refreshing walk down memory lane that still packs a punch.