Bad Mouths
"The Bad Mouths"

(Self-Released 2004)Bad Mouths - The Bad Mouths

Loose and ready to rock and have fun, New York's The Bad Mouths try to put their best foot forward on a self-titled four track sampler. With some punk influences, the Bad Mouths are anything but rigid as they quickly bang through their songs.

Prominent, heavy riffs and repetition drive the leading tracks; "Got Concept" is catchy and up tempo while "So Last Year" is more rhythmic with direct, clear vocals. Quick and jumping, "Assumer" is more natural and shows little restraint as it careens in. The Bad Mouths are more relaxed with "Loneliness Compound," delivering a more straightforward mid tempo sound.

Energy is one thing that the Bad Mouths do not lack as each song exudes energy and excitement from the band. With some refining the Bad Mouths could have what they need for a tight rock sound that is not too serious. They just need to harness that energy.