Bandit XX

(Self-Released )Bandit XX - Demo

Bandit XX's release of 3 demos ("Ode to the Bandit," "Autonomy," and "Got the Right") are a nice mix of old and new influences that comes across sounding fresh and gets your attention. With short parts in the intro focusing first on guitar and then bass, Bandit XX opens the recording and introduce the listener to "the bandit way." "Ode to the Bandit" is an up beat rock tune that leans slightly towards The Breeders or even the now-popular "garage rock" sound. The vocals, despite the confusing lyrics "I'll take it all but it's not enough / Give up, give in but never give up," really compliment the instruments. The guitar takes control with a repeating riff during the verses and a strong lead between verses making for a catchy and strong opener. "Autonomy" - not the Buzzcocks song - is slightly darker sounding than the previous track. With the instruments seeming to lead the song, it's difficult to make out the lyrics during the verses, which is good or bad depending on what the band was going for. Bandit XX take a PJ Harvey sounding turn, vocally, during the break of "Autonomy" when only the vocals and a quietly repeated chord remain. The final track is different from the first two. Pounding drums (that could probably be pulled to the forefront some) and a distorted, slide guitar sound work as they really play up the rhythm changes. With the lyrics "You think you're oh so right / I think you're oh so wrong / You think you got the right / Tomorrow I'll be gone," Bandit XX are women who know what they want and aren't afraid of saying so. But when Bandit XX do it, they've got that soft side showing just enough that you know they're not forcing anything. The demo has a tight sound, well done for a new band.