Bang Lime
"Best Friends In Love"

(Last Gang Records 2007)Bang Lime - Best Friends In Love

Maybe Metric's drummer Joules Scott-Key and guitarist Joshua Winstead were feeling left out. They certainly seem to have gotten some ideas from Metric band mate Emily Haines when she released her second solo album, "Knives Don't Have Your Back," last year. And really, why should Haines have all the fun? Under the guise of Bang Lime, the longtime friends have recorded "Best Friends In Love," a pulsing garage rock album. With only guitar and drums for instrumentation, it is an engaging and rhythmic ride that is ready to get down and party.

Never does Bang Lime overdo things on "Best Friends In Love." Instrumentation seems to be heavily intentional, used for setting the tempo and a background for the vocals. As Winstead sings of meeting for coffee and cigarettes there is a promise of danger on the memorable "The Death Of Death." Pounding guitar bounces for mid tempo guitar rock on "Fly Paper" before filling out with a thicker, heavier sound on "Blood Orange" as Winstead mesmerizes with his half spoken vocal delivery. On "Iris," the slower steady guitar and gentler vocals create a dreamlike effect while the band let it all hang out for the reckless "Sailing," the band offering noise accents to the edgy melody.

So quick moving is Bang Lime's debut, "Best Friends In Love," that it is often hard to keep track. There is a playfulness as the duo seems to convey they are not taking this too seriously. But sometimes it is difficult to see where Bang Lime, with their heavy repetition and intentional looseness, is headed, despite their lively and energetic songs.


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