Basement What?
"Basement What?"

(Self-Released 2005)Basement What? - Basement What?

As with many rock bands making the scene these days, country music clearly influences Indiana band Basement What? Generally smooth, Basement What? have the stuff to get a little dirty, but only when necessary, with rough, yelling vocals and squealing electric guitar solos.

Basement What?'s familiar sound comes across strongly on clean and catchy tracks like "Change" and "What To Do," as they combine pop alternative rock with guitar led instrumentation. Basement What? remain energetic and upbeat throughout their self-titled album, especially gritty, rhythmic tracks like "Agenda" and "Livin' Daydreams." And while the album has a predictable power ballad, "Moon," it is "Sunshine Baby" that makes a mark with a sound more subtle than the album's other tracks.

While Basement What? do their best to rock their self-titled album, they show their soft sound is just as much apart of their core. And as they bounce back and forth between the two opposites, Basement What? seems to fall comfortably into the middle.


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