Bastard Fairies
"Memento Mori"

(Bastard Fairy Records 2007)Bastard Fairies - Memento Mori

The Bastard Fairies' "Memento Mori" album is whimsical with the sweet childlike vocals from songwriter Yellow Thunder Woman set to light melodies that almost sound like nursery rhymes. But "Memento Mori" is also flighty as it manages to squeeze pop, twangy country and other genres in. Claiming to directly address taboos, The Bastard Fairies seem to border occasionally on the creepy with their peculiar tunes and childlike pose that always keep you guessing.

A light melody that twinkles amongst clinking music, "Apple Pie" has a simple and wide-eyed wonder attitude. Thumping like a club favorite and infused with some Spanish guitar, "Ode To The Prostitute" is engaging while the upbeat and rhythmically heavy "We're All Going To Hell," literally, lists everyone (i.e. "Those of you dissecting frogs") that is going to hell ("It's a wonderful place/It's a place of fire and brimstone") before taking a relatively humorless mid-song break to crack open a beer. The Bastard Fairies open up their sound and finally go for something full on "Exoskeleton" as light instrumentation fills in behind the simple keyboard melody for a somewhat catchy result.

Is there anything The Bastard Fairies will not tackle on their debut album? After a few listens, it is clear that The Bastard Fairies are appropriately named. While never truly shocking, "Memento Mori" is somewhere between an honest conversation and a somewhat awkward lecture. Musically loose, the band never let themselves get pinned down although they do seem to favor gentle ballads. The result is "Memento Mori," an odd jumble that has its moments.


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