BC Campbell
"Now's the time."

(Ellis Isle Records 2006)BC Campbell - Now\'s the time.

Seattle, Washington, is still churning out the singer/songwriters. Now one of the Emerald City's sons, BC Campbell is trying to make a name for himself. "Now's the time." is Campbell's debut album, one that delivers soft ballads, catchy rhythmic rock tunes and a few things in between. But regardless of the genre that Campbell adopts, it is his poignant lyrics that keep things in control and maintain a balance in the music.

Do not be fooled by the lackluster opener to "Now's the time." The middle of the road rock 'n' roll on "How Much" is not a good representation of Campbell's talent as a vocalist or musician. Instead, let your focus fall on other parts of the album. Campbell pulls listeners in with the darkly enticing "Get Down" and the inviting melody of "Carcrash Boogie" before he reveals a cheeky and fun side on the quick moving "Supermodel." But it is on smooth ballads like "I'm Right Here," "John" and "Soft Tyranny" that Campbell really excels. Combining his thoughtful lyrics with understated instrumentation offers a winning result. "I am suffocating/We are suffocating," Campbell gently sings, his vocals matching the delicate melody on "Soft Tyranny." On "Happiness," Campbell adds strings to the mix, resulting in a melody that floats effortlessly.

BC Campbell does a little bit of everything on his debut. It is a typical and understandable choice for a debut although it is one Campbell should not have to make. Pop hooks and singles are not, and should not be, the focus on this album. "Now's the time." might make some precarious turns here and there, but once Campbell gets into his groove, he remains unshakable.


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