"Pirate vs. Ninja"

(Omega Point Records 2005)Beeblo - Pirate vs. Ninja

Teenager Ben Greenwood may still be in high school but that certainly has not stopped his creative flow. Applying some DIY ethics, Greenwood has released his debut release, "Pirate vs. Ninja" under the guise of Beeblo. Twiddling the knobs of his electronic driven songs, Greenwood proudly adds his own geek chic to the mix in the way of lyrics for an angst filled ride that covers voyeurism, blogs and arcade games.

Whimsical carnival-like sounds abound on tracks like the electro-punk "Up at Six (Speed Dial)" detailing adolescent crushes that turn into stalking and the polka driven ditty "Pirate Ninja." Greenwood recounts happenings on the creepy and sinister sounding "Entries" and the upbeat tongue-in-cheek "Livejournal." The geek-doing-lounge-jazz sound of "Most People" sways lightly on lilting piano and easy drums while Beeblo assumes an attitude for the pounding "I Used to Dance." Electronics thump and pump on "Dance Dance," a song dedicated to the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. "O Susan" is light and lively, with a chorus of harmonies, before segueing nicely into "My Computer," an introspective ballad of love and loss that while silly is well focused.

Greenwood's brain seems to race as fast as the synthesizer he programs, flying through a whirlwind of genres and sounds on "Pirate vs. Ninja." Notably clever although sometimes too adventurous, "Pirate vs. Ninja" throws so much at you at once, it is difficult to make heads or tails without a few listens to his quirky tunes.