Beneath The Sky
"The Day the Music Died"

(Victory Records 2008)Beneath The Sky - The Day the Music Died

Listening to "The Day the Music Died," you're likely to get the feeling that you've heard it before. You would only be half wrong. That's because Beneath the Sky are a meat and potatoes metalcore band. Take some old Funeral for a Friend, pile a generous portion of Bury Your Dead on that, and heap a shitload of Prayer for Cleansing on top, and you've got the recipe for the bland sandwich that is this album.

Somehow, Beneath the Sky have managed to cram every single cliché that has plagued recent metal into an hour's worth of music. Nut-punching growls juxtaposed with whiny clean vocals? Check. Blatant Swede copyright infringement followed by sick breakdowns, complete with ringing open chords? You betcha. Talented musicianship aborted by a complete lack of creativity? Absolutely. Beneath the Sky got so busy taking a page from everyone else's book that they forgot to write any chapters of their own.

Things start to look up a bit towards the end of the album, with some double leads, solos, and more straightforward riffing making an appearance, especially on the particularly rocking "I'll Call This My Own." Things quickly go off the tracks, though, with an unnecessary acoustic interlude and, no lie, a ballad.

I'd love to give you a reason to listen to this instead of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, or just about every other metal band that's come out in the last few years, but I really can't come up with one. "The Day the Music Died" would probably be a good album if I had heard it, say, four years ago. Unfortunately, Beneath the Sky are too far behind the curve to stand out among a sea of bands screaming for attention.


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