Bernie Shanahan

(Self-Released 2007)Bernie Shanahan - You

After signing to Atlantic Records and, in 1989, releasing a self-titled debut with the label, things were looking good for Bernie Shanahan. But, as they so often do, the arrangement with Atlantic ended and Shanahan's musical career took a back seat. That was, at least until 2005, when Shanahan returned to the music scene and began the journey of writing and recording an album. The album that developed was "You," sixteen classic rock style songs.

Classic, indeed, as famous musicians like Neil Young and Eric Clapton come to mind listening to Shanahan's album. Young for the folksy tracks, such as the full bodied rock and roll on opening track "Fire in the Darkness" and on "A Civilized Affair," with its mid tempo rhythm and vocal harmonies. While the influence of Slowhand shows itself on soft rock ballads with vibrant electric guitar, like the album's title track and "One Love Is All." The fingerpicking guitar song "A Very High Wire" shows off a stripped down style that, once the chorus kicks in, reminds of June Carter Cash's "Ring of Fire" before closing the album with the classical guitar instrumental "Embers."

Shanahan takes his time throughout, never rushing any song, any melody or any riff. There is little more Shanahan could ask for instrumentally throughout "You," as the music does each song justice, never overwhelming. But Shanahan plays it safe and rarely takes chances as he chooses to bookend the album's soft rock, which make up a majority of the tracks, with up tempo, feel good numbers. Shanahan's experience shows through on "You" but he needs to step up, take control and push himself a bit harder.


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