Big Audio Dynamite
"Live: E=MC2"

(MVD Visual 2007)Big Audio Dynamite - Live: E=MC2

After an illustrious career with legendary rockers The Clash and his unfortunate falling out with bandmate Joe Strummer in 1983, Mick Jones wasted no time in forming a new band. Along with filmmaker Don Letts, who had filmed The Clash, the two formed Big Audio Dynamite in 1984 and, in 86, the band had a hit in the United Kingdom with the single "E=MC2." Shot in 1990 London, England, this first ever DVD of Big Audio Dynamite, which shares its name with the band's hit single, showcases the band in front of a sold out crowd.

Featuring the band's second line-up, Jones, then in his mid-30s, is surrounded by a band made up of fresh-faced 20-somethings. But it is Jones' experience and laidback attitude that attract the attention. It is almost as though the band was unaware they were being filmed that day, dressed casually and obviously having the time of their lives. It is a veritable pop culture guessing game as samples pop-up throughout nearly every song. The shriek from The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" shows up, looped repeatedly, in "The Globe" while during "Medicine Show," he half raps, half sings along, hands in the air, to a hip-hop sample in a glorified and somewhat humorous karaoke style moment.

The video and audio from "E=MC2" is quite crisp and clear considering technology from 1990 with the action tastefully edited without overdoing with excessive or rapid cuts. But at fifty minutes with no extras, it is quite sparse when compared to other music DVDs. With that said, for fans of Mick Jones and Big Audio Dynamite, "Live: E=MC2" will certainly satisfy as it showcases the band's fun, upbeat style and how Jones managed to stay current amidst ever changing times.


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