(Custard Records 2007)Bigelf - Hex

Bigelf may try to play themselves off as the "evil Beatles" but -- "Helter Skelter" aside -- the Fab Four never rocked like this. The LA-based rock band have achieved top ten success in Europe but the United States is just seeing the official release of their 2003 album "Hex," a sinful mix of hard rock and psychedelic. But for fans of '60s rock with big, edgy instrumentation, the wait was well worth it.

Thick, sinister guitar riffs come booming in like Black Sabbath on "Madhatter" as the band lifts the vocal melody from Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall." Similarly, Pink Floyd's psychedelic wistfulness finds its way into other Bigelf tracks like the "Wish You Were Here" sound alike "Disappear." Hard rock pounds through on the chugging rhythm of "Pain Killers" while "Sunshine Suicide" offers a darkly poppy tune with a catchy chorus. On "Carry The Load," slow heavy instrumentation makes Bigelf sound bigger. Meanwhile the band impart the capitalistic nature of the music industry (who knew there was a downside?) on "Rock & Roll Contract" with a The Who meets The Beatles style ballad.

Well executed and with a healthy mix of riffs and melodies, Bigelf's "Hex" is a good time. While at times rather blatant with revealing their classic rock influences, the band always puts a bit of a spin on things. "Hex" makes you wonder what Bigelf have been doing in the last four years that it took the album to make it across the Atlantic. Bigelf could be to hard rock what Him are to metal.


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