Big Stick Friday
"Nice Guy Convention"

(Self-Released 2003)Big Stick Friday - Nice Guy Convention

With their mix of sometimes heavy alternative rock riffs with memorable melodies and lyrics, Big Stick Friday's "Nice Guy Convention" has something to appeal to a large audience and caters to a variety of tastes. And while their songs sometimes have titles that might suggest one thing -- "Tupac" could be an ode to a slain rapper, "Mud Flap Girl" could have been a stoner rock song about chicks and cars -- the band tend to stay on the serious side, most of the time.

Big Stick Friday opens the album with the aptly titled "In Your Face," a song of heavy, fuzzy riffs that are not quite hard rock but no means typical pop rock, either. "Idiot," stands out on the album with its wannabe industrial grinding pulses in the middle ground, keeping it interesting and cool without drawing away from the vocals or the guitar solo. "No Apology" is slightly slower with more melodic vocals but with a nonstop riff and the same energy level as the previous two songs. "Last night, I dreamt I was wasted outside your bedroom door/Last night I dreamt I was Tupac outside your bedroom door," vocalist/guitarist David Eddy sings in his crooning, slurring style in the catchy chorus of "Tupac." With a melodic and catchy chorus, "You're So Wild" is slower and reminds of Brit pop/indie rock.

Keeping with a more upbeat and poppy rock sound, "Supermodel" features handclaps and a chorus accented by "oh-oh" while "Who We Are" returns to the heavier riff sound of the album's beginning. "Mud Flap Girl" uses a power chorus to offset its more gentle verses. "Satellite," also a relatively calm song, still retains buzzing guitars despite its other ballad-like qualities. "You Never Came Back," a stripped down acoustic song closes the album's listed tracks, however, a similar acoustic song, about, um, farts, kicks in following it.

Big Stick Friday seems to easy avoid sounding too poppy or too hard rock with their riff heavy but vocally light tunes. Catchy and never too cliché, Big Stick Friday knows when to rock and when to get more melodic and moody. "Nice Guy Convention" is an enjoyable listen that keeps things interesting, using new sounds and avoiding boring you with repetition.


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