Bill Wright Band
"BWB 3"

(Travel Music 2002)Bill Wright Band - BWB 3

Colorado's Bill Wright Band don't really stick with one constant sound through out their album, "BWB 3" -- it is more of a mix of classic and newer rock 'n' roll influences combined with just enough country and blues to create a fresh result from old sounds without being in disarray. The album's ten songs include not just the standard guitar-bass-drums set up but blend a saxophone, among other instruments, in to their fun, feel good music.

"How Long I've Begged," the album's opening track, is a catchy mix of influences with a nice sax solo. The up tempo "Mary Jane" sounds as though it could have been a Masters of Reality song even down to the vocals that do not sound unlike Chris Goss. The band show their classic rock roots strongest on the riff strong "Tommy's Goin' Bowlin'" while the more familiar and traditional rock "˜n' roll sound of "Sic @ The Vic" has just the right appeal before the slower and jazzy "It's Colorado."

On "Take A Chance," the slide guitar reminds you of The Traveling Wilburys but it is the cool instrumental, "Vertigo," that captures your attention with its classic rock guitar sound. Slowing down a bit, the familiar sounding "Drunk And Hungover" is simple rock 'n' roll and doesn't have to try too hard while the mid tempo "Lover Girl" adds more of an edge. The album's final track, "Full Circle," has a riff that sounds essentially identical to the opening riff of Eric Clapton's "Layla" before going in its own direction.

"BWB 3" is a collection of no nonsense rock tunes that could easily have you dancing or tapping along in the car. And while the songs aren't always the most original, the band put new energy into songs and styles you might have forgotten about; making old ideas sound new by still keeping the same feeling in them.