Bill Wright Band
"Outer Limits"

(Self-Released 2004)Bill Wright Band - Outer Limits

Bill Wright and his band have their minds on rock 'n' roll. But instead of completely recreating and updating the original 50s and 60s sound when less was more and rock was, by current standards, innocent, Bill Wright Band's "Outer Limits" is focused on preserving those fundamental qualities of rock.

It is clear that the Bill Wright Band gave their hearts to rock 'n' roll as guitar and saxophone solos mingle together on fun songs "Blue Girl" and "Down But Not Out" where guitar strongly leads. A wiggle and a boogie turn "Burnin' It Up" into free wheeling rock while the tight rhythm of "Average Day" is more structured. "Runaway Train" turns its attention to surf rock that pounds dramatically as does "Stop," whose edge adds to its dark groove. "Sweet Sugar" creeps and struts along like a Stray Cat might. The Bill Wright Band also recreates ballads suitable for a prom with the light sway of "Please Marie (Polynesian)" and "B There 4 U" where rough vocals vainly attempt to blend with the smooth easy listening rock.

"Outer Limits" is the kind of rock 'n' roll that seems these days to be limited to particular bar bands in your local watering hole. Bill Wright and company know they are not reinventing the wheel, instead they are just taking it for another spin around the neighborhood. It is the fun manner in which they present themselves and their music that sells "Outer Limits" in a way that everyone can relate to.


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