Black Box Revelation
"Set Your Head On Fire"

(Beverly Martel/T for Tunes 2008)Black Box Revelation - Set Your Head On Fire

Belgian teenagers Jan Paternoster and Dries van Dijck are not about to hold anything back. And why should they? The duo's debut album, "Set Your Head On Fire," is a rock party that they seem unwilling to end. But like the '60s garage bands they were influenced by, Black Box Revelation know that sometimes rock is most effective when it is simple. With this philosophy in mind, the band keeps their riffs repeating and their lyrics from being over analytical.

From the infectious bounce of opening track "I Think I Like You" to "Love, Love Is On My Mind," Black Box Revelation keep their words deceptively simple and grab your focus with their high energy garage rock. Elsewhere the band infuses a more modern sound with throbbing drum-machine beats to spice things up, from the catchy "Love In Your Head" to the heavily overdubbed "Beatbox Revelation Pt. 1," which offers as close to a trippy space-out jam as the band is willing to get. Meanwhile on the slow jangle of "Never Alone/Always Together" Paternoster affects his best Mick Jagger scowl.

Somewhere between Wolfmother, The White Stripes and some of the British garage rock bands currently on the scene, Black Box Revelation's debut seems strategically constructed while still retaining a reckless and raw sound. The album, although lengthy for what it is, might seem simple but there are careful details that stick out on repeated listens. The Black Box Revelation's "Set Your Head On Fire" makes the band one to keep an eye on for the remainder of 2008 and beyond.