Black Diamond Heavies
"Alive As Fuck"

(Alive Records 2009)Black Diamond Heavies - Alive As Fuck

If you were to give Joe Cocker a few drinks and let him front Iron Butterfly, what with their thick hard rock sound with pumping organ and his rough voice, you might get something close to the Black Diamond Heavies. And with that messy garage rock mash-up in your head, think of that unlikely band playing live shows. Voila: "Alive As Fuck." The album was recorded live in Covington, Kentucky, on July 24, 2009, and it's just what you'll be expecting.

Except that it doesn't sound like an old school live recording. Somehow I missed the whole "live" concept going into the album and it wasn't until the end of the first song that I was smart enough to figure out that those cheering fans weren't just add-ins; they were the real deal. The fact that I missed that speaks well for the quality of the recording which, otherwise, sounds a little rough and adds to the Black Diamond Heavies' authentic blue collar rock appeal. The quick and catchy "Hambone" will get stuck in your head while the band seems happy to get lost jamming on tracks like "Happy Hour" and "Leave It In The Road."

Black Diamond Heavies are all about letting loose, getting loose and rocking out. And they deliver that on "Alive As Fuck." Where some live albums are only of interest to diehard fans of the band, "Alive As Fuck" will be of interest to music fans who dig bluesy garage rock with a rough swagger regardless of whether they know who the band is or not.


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