Black Elk
"Black Elk"

(Crucial Blast 2006)Black Elk - Black Elk

Hidden amongst the mass of indie rock bands that call Portland, Oregon home is Black Elk. The metal and hard rock band show little restraint as they burst at the seams with energy and excitement, guitar riffs driving hard and drums pounding with equal force on their self-titled debut full-length release. Reflecting a clear influence from fellow Pacific Northwest band The Melvins, Black Elk make their first album one to remember.

A thumping, bouncing bass riff speeds by, grabbing your attention in the process, amid the churning instrumentation of "Toggle" before Black Elk get right in your face and up the musical ante with intense and jagged guitar riffs on the loud and lively "My Lil'." Heavy pounding joins with guitar to create a dark sound that varies between quick riffs of thrashing instrumentation and a slow melodic interlude that threatens to stop you dead in your tracks on "Eyebone." Black Elk come spiraling in with an eerie result on "Elk Takes Night" before initiating an unnerving cha-cha while "Baby Liver" heaves back and forth with a rhythm that races haphazardly.

Loud and heavy with few time outs for a breather, Black Elk take no prisoners as they do what they came to do. Letting their songs flow loosely together towards the end of the album, the band creates a nearly seamless flow that allows them to keep the momentum they have generated from going to waste. Black Elk's self-titled debut is a hard hitting one that assaults and pummels you into complete submission while offering some memorable tracks along the way.


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